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In the hip years of the 70s, technology came into its own. The kitchen was to transform the way we cooked with food. Kitchen gadgets such as the bread maker and microwave as still with us today. Whether you used them or not, the demand for kitchenalia still appeals to women and men today. The modern day kitchen has changed, but according to a research on home improvements in the housing market, homeowners spend a whopping 13,000 on creating bigger kitchen for that dream home.

Research suggests London will invest the cash, North East homeowners are the spenders to DIY their kitchens and the Welsh are the most frugal. No matter what way you spend the cash, the kitchen is now seen to be the most desired part of the home and add value. Although we are not living in our kitchens yet, we can spend up to 42 hours of a week in a kitchen and that’s not just for cooking. Trends of the kitchen have seen peoples habit change. For example lifestyle aids people to socialise more and eat on the go and the generation of families sees women revert to family cooking again.

Get to know your kitchen inside and out.

With the digital kitchen on its way in, we can see a new range of efficient interactive smart fridges featuring wi-fi enabled table screens that could help families manage their consumption of food and wastage.

Colours to suit your mood.

Would you like your kitchen to make you feel happy again? Kitchens can now be colour coordinated top to bottom. From back splashbacks to cupboards and floors, you can totally transform your kitchen with some stunning colour. Look for companies that have an online RAL chart. They are lots of fun and can visually transform what your kitchen can look like. You are not even limited to one colour. Wave goodbye to cream and wooden decor.

Whetting the appetite.

Welcome to chopping, cooking and purchasing all in one. Whilst it is hard to believe, perfectly name “chop-sync” is an interactive touch screen created by Siobhan Andrews, wanted to create a product that simplified healthy cooking. I too enjoy cooking but sometimes work and family life is unbalanced it can be difficult to find the time and variety to eat healthily and on budget.

Let your cutlery do the talking.

The HAPIfork fork now has been identified as a kitchen must have for the future. After scientific evidence has proved that eating too fast has shown to contribute to obesity, understanding eating habits is a crucial key to helping us take control of consuming food. This data can be uploaded and displayed graphically to your smartphone.

Turn off and save energy.

One invention we are glad to hear of is energy saving cooking which goes by the name of automatic pan recognition. The fact about this invention is simple, it will be faster and more energy efficient. Now with bills set to rise and rise I’m sure we would all be waiting to buy this as soon as we can.

The future is electronic.

There is still a lot of technology that hasn’t become part of the everyday property of a kitchen. But frankly, gadgets will come and go. Kitchen designers and everyone related to technology as far as I am concerned technology will always be more advanced than what we can get hold. I struggle with cleaning pots and pans and no matter how many non stick I buy, they never seem to stay very non stick.

James Lomax is a professional when it comes to writing due to close ties with Colourcode glass splashbacks [] products & servicing.

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