What About “Buzz Byte” Vending Machines? Are They a Scam?

I wouldn’t call them a scam… but I haven’t heard of anyone having success with Buzz Byte or energy chew machines.

We can locate and have located Buzz Byte machines. I might be shooting myself in the foot by saying this, but I would really not recommend them to anyone, ESPECIALLY if you are just getting started in the business. From talking to people who have tried them, they are really not that great at all, and I haven’t talked to anyone who hasn’t lost money with them.

I would rather educate our customers tell our customers the truth about what we have learned than try and scam them out of their money. Being honest has always kept customers coming back in anything I have done. The fact is that lately, if you have been looking for information on getting into the vending business, you have probably come across the Buzz Byte opportunity. I agree that it sounds like a great idea for some markets, but in practice, the widespread appeal of them has been quite disappointing.

I can’t even look on craigslist for anything regarding vending without seeing thousands of these “spammers” talking about how great Buzz Byte machines are and how you need to buy them and get in on the “biggest thing in vending”. If you don’t know what I am talking about, the product is a small rectangular shaped “energy chew” which is supposed to give you all this caffeine and energy. Many people I’ve talked to agree that they taste terrible, and they aren’t worth the $.50 that they vend for. Most people look at those machines and don’t even know what the things are. I think it is better to go with bulk candy machines, everyone knows what M&Ms and gumballs are, and there is already a demand for them.

I know of one woman who got conned into buying a whole bunch of these Buzz Byte machines from the manufacturer (the machines cost around $300 by the way…) and within 2 months she had removed almost all of them from the locations. It just wasn’t worth her time, and instead she bought some bulk candy machines and put them in instead of the buzz byte machines… she is doing much better now with those.

The bottom line: Yes, we will locate these machines for you. But I strongly recommend against these machines because I have heard nothing but stories of people losing lots and lots of money with these machines.

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